Michaelmas 2021 Events

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A timetable of all our events and directions to where they are hosted will be updated as soon as they get confirmed.

Note that some events may be hosted online if additional lockdown regulations are put in place.

1st week

Speaker Event: Yujia Qing – Mobile molecules: Keeping on track      7PM Tues 12th Oct

Freshers Champagne
Night – Unlimited Prosecco for Members!     Thursday/Friday

2nd week

Speaker Event: Elspeth Garman – C14 dating to crystallography 7PM Tues 19th Oct

“Refreshers” Champagne Night – Unlimited Prosecco for 2nd Years who missed out on Freshers! Thursday/Friday TBA

3rd week

Speaker Event: Tuomas Knowles – Biophysics using microfluidics 6:30PM Tues 26th Oct

4th week

Speaker Event: Stuart Mackenzie – Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Clusters 6:30PM Tues 2nd Nov

5th week

Speaker Event: Kylie Vincent & Holly Reeve – HydRegen: A Biocatalyst Start Up 7PM Tues 9th Nov

6th week

Speaker Event: Amelie Heuer-Jungemann – DNA Origami 6:30PM Fri 19th Nov

7th week

Speaker Event: Andrew Turberfield – Nucleic Acid Nanostructures 6:30PM Tues 23rd Nov

OXMAS CELEBRATIONS – Unlimited cocktails with a theme Date: To be confirmed

8th week

Speaker Event: Matt Higgins – Molecular insights into severe Malaria 7PM Tues 30th Nov