Trinity 2022 Events

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Note that some events may be hosted online if additional lockdown regulations are put in place.

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Part II mini-talks + Pree Pizza!

Wednesday 18:00-20:00

After our successful PhD student talks last term, please join us to listen to 15 minute presentations by Part II students. There will be (free!) pizza and plenty of time to mingle.
Everyone is welcome! Rhian Gruar from Kim Nasmyth lab
‘Functional coupling of events during DNA replication termination and the establishment of sister chromatid cohesion’
Sister chromatid cohesion is essential for successful cell division in eukaryotes, however it is unknown how it is established. The Nasmyth lab has data indicating that cohesion may be established at the point of DNA replication termination. A simple fluorescence microscopy assay has been used to measure cohesion deficiencies in cells defective in replication termination. The data suggests that dia2, a ubiquitin ligase that triggers disassembly of the replisome, may also be acting upon cohesin to promote the establishment of sister chromatid cohesion.Fleur Palmer-Paquis from Tom Brown lab
‘Studies on the synthesis of antisense oligonucleotides containing triazole backbone linkages’
Using click chemistry to form triazoles as a biocompatible backbone mimic in DNA oligonucleotides, to improve delivery of oligos as therapeutic agents. Studies include making Cu(I)-catalysed click reactions compatible with phosphorothioate oligos, and making Ru(II)-catalysed click chemistry compatible with solid-phase synthesis.Caroline Carter from Julian Knight lab
‘Chromatin accessibility landscape in covid-19 and sepsis peripheral blood mononuclear cells’
Explored chromatin accessibility using scATAC-seq from sepsis and covid-19 patient samples, looking for similarities and differences, due to the presence of ‘viral sepsis’ in a subset of covid-19 patients.Maria Eppey from Jordan Raff lab
‘Centriole Duplication in the Early Drosophila Embryo’
Exploring the dynamic incorporation profile of centrioles proteins in centriole duplication, across cell cycles using the early drosophila embryo and high-resolution fluorescence imaging

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